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Q. Why choosing to join Canadian Municipal Business Gateway?
A. The Canadian Municipal Business Gateway (Hereinafter called CMBG) is different from other B2B platforms or business consultancy companies. CMBG¡¯s investors come from both Canada and China, it¡¯s not just investing a business but also bringing channels and connections to this platform to share with all members. CMBG focus on ¡°Multi-culture¡± . By cooperating and interacting with various minority chamber of commerce, members can rely on this platform to find business potentials from each other¡¯s communities, or have a business penetration to different communities, which never be that easy before. CMBG also dedicates to cooperate with sounding cities. While all are looking for surviving and growing in metropolitans, maybe we shall take a look to our surroundings, which are full of opportunities but have been neglected for a while. They are growing quietly, all of sudden, you may find you¡¯ve let go some great opportunities already, that¡¯s why we are here, to provide our members a full angle view to our business opportunities.
Q. What do you mean by ¡°Virtual Office¡±?
A. It¡¯s never being easy for us small business to survive and grow in today¡¯s world, not to mention to expand worldwide. As the world¡¯s economy engine, China is full of opportunities, yet the risk is always a shadow to accompany. To make the first move toward the dreamland is easy, but it could be costly and maybe you are on the detour. What is worse, it is even more costly to turn back considering the time cost. Through our Virtual Office in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, we copy exactly what you may provide to the market, what you need to do is to provide necessary product sample, necessary training to us locally, while we recruit local staffs on behalf of you and pass the training to the staffs, your team in China is ready to work for you. In this way, you are saving great expense and avoiding the risk by throwing trial stone in the market first.Vise versa, we may do so if China side has the same interest.
Q. How do I know if the ¡°Virtual Office¡± really works for me?
A. No one can guarantee the success of a business. CMBG¡¯s Virtual Office is not for what we want, it is for what you need. We will look at your business as well as your expectation, we will not advise you to take this program if, from our point of view, the ¡°Virtual Office¡± doesn¡¯t work for you.
Q. What type of services does CMBG provide?
A. CMBG services and procedures are set out in detail on its website at About Us
Q. Will those trade fairs really help us with our business?
A. As the most powerful consumption country in today¡¯s world, China holds thousands various trade shows each year. 90% of which may not really work for you and us. Through our screening and investigating, the ones we recommend here are providing professional buyers, which are also looking for new products or business partners. This is an information overloaded world, people found they need to turn back a little bit to the traditional way to look for business opportunities, which is to see and talk. That¡¯s why professional trade show is more and more popular. By bringing your products to buyers door step, there won¡¯t be any better way to meet so many professional buyers in such a short time and this can¡¯t be achievable by other means of advertisement.
Q. My company has proprietary information that must remain confidential. If I need to find business partner through your referral, do you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
A. CMBG is committed to protecting the confidentiality of all private information and is quite willing to do so if it¡¯s necessary. However, you need to specify the conditions to disclose or partially disclose the information while we have the interested clients.
Q. I want to expand my business to the Chinese marketplace. How can CMBG help me?
A. Other than the ¡°Virtual Office¡±, we also have business partners and connections in China. We will judge if they are a good match to your business, otherwise, we will recommend the appropriate city for your business and provide business environment analysis including Pro and Con listing as well as existing similar business status at additional expense, while the decision is yours. We are also happy to assist you if you need to make a tour to investigate and we can request local authorities to provide necessary assistance.
Q. How are you different from other business match-making/consulting firms?
A. CMBG is building the network for small and medium size business. It focus on several trades instead of all areas thus the resources could be fully utilized. We are still building our network, the first step in China while the next step will be global through our minority community allies. Few business realize the biggest asset in Canada is its¡¯ immigrants from all over the world, who either have various skills or business connections. If the business can fully utilize the human resources of the immigrants, they will build up the business in a more efficient way. This is why CMBG focus on ¡°Multi-Culture¡± society build-up in Canada.
Q. What types of projects do you usually consider?
A. The first strategy step for CMBG is ¡°China Stage¡±, while today¡¯s China is looking for healthy food & drink, environment protection technology and products, service, fashion products for middle class, and other products and technology specified by certain investor. Of course China is also interested to Natural Resources and Land (Mining, Forestry, Oil & Gas), but these are not the areas we focus on.
Q. How will I benefit as a member of CMBG?
A. Becoming a member of CMBG opens up a new world of opportunities, networking and partnering for businesses and investors in China and Canada alike. The corporate members also have the advantage for being invited to our Ally Party with various minority communities every year. If members decided to join the trade fairs listed on the website, CMBG aims to achieve the best discounts for our members.
Q. What is your fee structure?
A. We have corporate membership which costs C$1,000 each year while the individual one is C$150/year. For details, please refer to the following page: Application Form.
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