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Mayor John Lessif
Its been an enjoyable experience for me getting to know and work with this group and develop a trustful relationship for the benefit of both of us.

I look forward to working together and bringing the discussions to reality in many areas such as tourism, agriculture, and commercial and residential opportunities for investment in the Tillsonburg and also the county of Oxford.

Theyve taken the initiative to introduce some perspective investors, Chinese investors, to a couple oppurtunities that are avalible in the area of Oxford. So Im very excited about the possibilities and Im very pleased to be a part of developing not only a personal relationship but a business opportunity relationship for the town of Tilsonburg and the county of Oxford.

Warden Don McKay
Its been a privilege to work with CMBG and experience their openness, their sincerity, and most of all the curiosity they bring in trying to understand our community and its unique opportunities that rural and urban and look for opportunities to develop tourism, agriculture, and other investment opportunities.

We look forward to the future and connecting our communities with their business investment and entrepreneurs.

Cathy Bingham
On behalf of tourism Oxford and the county of Oxford, I would love to welcome our friends from CMBG to come visit Oxford County.
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• February 26, 2014 - CMBG Website Launched!
• February 26, 2014 - CMBG Website Launched!
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